Monday, February 25, 2008


On Good Friday of 1974, a string of tornados swept through the Midwest causing millions of dollars in property damage and taking several lives. I was living in Louisville KY at the time and, ironically enough, was in the mobile home financing business.

There may be some things more susceptible to wind damage than mobile homes but I’d be hard pressed to think of what they might be.


mac said...

Hi Bill from NJ,
Sorry you missed the tournament; I remember you mentioning you had to be hospitalized. I didn't participate, I just went to take a look at the crowd and the finals. It was quite amazing, a very mixed but very nice crowd. I actually met 4 of our fellow commentors, and also Rex/Michael, who is so much taller than he looks in his blog photograph.
Enjoy your comments, will check out your blog every once in a while, as well.

Bill from NJ said...

Well thanks, Mac, I enjoy your comments also. Thanks for visiting my blog!